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3. Beginning of the end

It felt like evening had arrived quicker than the day before. Practicing your profession with a good friend who is also a master artisan can definitely make time fly by. As Fuzzy gathered his tools and prepared to settle into a long night sleep back at the Inn, he looked off to the horizon. The sky had turned dark red and orange. The fresh sea air was now laden by a thick fiery smoke. The tanning agents must have overpowered Fuzzy’s sense of smell, there was no other way that he could have missed this. Was part of the forest on fire? It was hard to tell, the smoke was thick and making More >

2. Of old friends and older stories

As morning came, the chattering of the city folk seemed a little busier than normal. There were rumors of some sort of dark agent making its way through Azeroth. Then again there was always talk of something, the people are easily scared into one thing or another. After a stretch and gathering gear, it was time to speak with Telonis again and practice the new patterns.

As Fuzzy neared the leather and tailor shops, a voice called out “Sergeant!” A voice not heard in quite some time. A voice so familiar and strong. A voice that was friendly and weathered. A voice that.. “Hey, Fuzzy! I’d More >

1. Nightfall

The warm sunlight was shining down through the treetops, sunbeams made dancing shapes on the green and lush grass in front of Fuzzy’s four-room cottage. His children playing in the distance, chasing some wisps. But there was no time to play for the old night elf, the sun was setting soon and the chores had to be finished before bed time.

“Girls…”, Fuzzy called gently to his children, “please don’t chase the spirits; They are trying to rest.” Their giggles echoed in the dell as they bounded around joyfully. Smiles painted their young, purple faces. Their long ears could hear the blades of More >

  • Girlfriend: *Tosses and turns rapidly* "Mom!"
    Me: "It’s just me. You’re ok, nothing is trying to get you"
    GF: "What was that noise?"
    Me: "I just sniffled a second ago. I’m still sick"
    GF: "What does that represent? I mean, represent"
    Me: "I have no idea. What do you think it represents?"
    And then no reply. She had already fallen back asleep.
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