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FreeNAS Plex VM with NFS

I’ll demonstrate here how I generally build a Plex VM and mount storage with FreeNAS.

VM Build

I’ll fill in this section later.

Storage FreeNAS User

In order for everything to behave, you’re going to want to create a user on FreeNAS. This user can be used if you need to mount a dataset through SMB or NFS to other computers. If you have already created a user then you can skip to the next heading.

NOTE: This is only creating a single user called ‘plex’. You can get more complex with the setup if you need multiple users to access the share by using groups but that is beyond More >

8. Back into the fray

Fuzzy and Kebechet arrived back at the Humpday Heroes camp in Drustvar just after mid-morning. Anth spotted Keb out of the corner of his eye but noticed that there was no night elf near. Where an average sized, purple-skinned, long pointed ear creature should be there was instead a very tall and furry worgen. As they got closer, Anth could see that the creature had the same eye color as the Fuzzy he knew, but nothing else was the same. “Keb? Where the hell is Fuzzy?” Anth inquired, slightly worried for his friend.

“He’s right here. This is Fuzzy” Keb said.

Anth looked at the worgen for More >

7. Truth in Moonlight

Several months had passed since that calm day in Boralus. The Heroes had been back to their hub many times for provisions, some rest, and just passing through on their way to another battle. Or three. Fuzzy was no longer an outsider, he was one of the group, one of the family. But only one of the fellow group members truly knew his secret. It was getting tougher to keep it hidden. The potions he had were getting tougher to come by, and other group members had nearly caught him trying to purchase the rare liquid from alchemists. Maybe he could just stop taking the elixir and let his true form More >

6. A Lovable Bunch

Boralus was a loud city full of soldiers, trades folk, sales booths, shops, a bank, a harbor, and one lone creepy scrapper. Nearby was Proudmoore Keep and the barracks. Boralus was a fairly large city and a major hub in Stormsong Valley. As Fuzzy came through the portal, he stepped onto the dark floor of the Boralus portal room. There were portals to Stormwind, Ironforge, Silithus, and Nazjatar. The other visitors to the city were busy with their own tasks to prepare for the upcoming onslaught against Sylvanas. One by one the rest of Fuzzy’s party came through the portal. The mage was the More >

5. An Oath Renewed

A few weeks later, Fuzzy and his family moved to their garrison near Lunarfall in Shadowmoon Valley. Recovery had gone well, a very stubborn night elf went through rehabilitation and has regained the strength he once had. And perhaps a bit more. The girls loved to play with the other children in the safety of the garrison. It wasn’t the same as their beloved home but everyone was adjusting to the new normal. The sky overhead was just as beautiful as the view from their old home. The sounds of wisps were gone but you could almost hear them as the wind wound through the trees and grass. The More >

4. Recovery

“I think he’s waking up. Quick! Get some water!”

Fuzzy didn’t recognize the voice he was hearing. Was he in the afterlife? The smell of the smoke was almost completely gone. He couldn’t quite open his eyes but could feel a soft damp cloth against his face. His entire body ached. The sounds around him were not familiar, but he could make out the sound of ships bells in the far distance. He tried to ask where he was, but his voice was gone, stolen by the smoke. His throat was raspy and coarse, like he was trying to breathe through sand.

“Don’t try to talk, your throat is still badly More >

  • Girlfriend: *Tosses and turns rapidly* "Mom!"
    Me: "It’s just me. You’re ok, nothing is trying to get you"
    GF: "What was that noise?"
    Me: "I just sniffled a second ago. I’m still sick"
    GF: "What does that represent? I mean, represent"
    Me: "I have no idea. What do you think it represents?"
    And then no reply. She had already fallen back asleep.
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