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We’re engaged! As time goes on I’m sure we will post updates about planning, wedding stuffs and so forth. You are likely to find more information on Facebook however. So friends, please look on Facebook for details 🙂

Sorry for the small outage!

There were a few updates that needed done to the hardware of the Fuzzydice server. There will be another outage hopefully this week to do some additional upgrades. I’ll try to let everyone know in advance this time.

New job!

July 2008 began a very stressful time in my life. Many of you know the story. Over the last year and a half I have struggled to keep sane while looking for new jobs, pushing my resume and trying to keep things going at Cyberlink. Today I am glad to announce that I have a contract position with Omnicity Corp. After 90 days if everything goes well they will be converting me to a full-time employee. I am very grateful for this opportunity and very excited to see what is in store for me at Omnicity. Thank you to everyone who has supported me during this stressful time! You are amazing.


So far everything is coming together with the site. Yes, it’s stupid easy to put together something in WordPress, but I had to edit the header and the colors. That’s hard work! I mean, you have to open a text editor, edit the file, upload it… <5 minutes later> And there we are! More content will follow as time permits. Probably.

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  • Wife: *wigs out*
    Me: "Are you ok?"
    Wife: "I don’t know why you won’t just go trick or treating with me"
    Me: "Wait, what?"
    Wife: "This is why we can’t just talk about it because you won’t go"
    Me: "What are you talking about?"
    Wife: "We were supposed to go trick or treating but you are laughing at me and won’t go"
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