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My money on my mind OR “How Gazelle almost screwed me”

The Pledge

As things go, my wife’s line was available to upgrade to a newer iPhone. We decided to try a new upgrade path and sell the phone through Gazelle instead of messing with eBay this time around. We have never used Gazelle before so it was a bit of a risk. Looking around on their site, they were listed with the BBB and had a rating of an A+. Seems legit, went to their site and got a quote for the iPhone 4 we were interested in selling. The price seemed a little lower than eBay but we decided it was fair enough and went forward with the sale. Gazelle sent us a box, I set the phone back More >

How I “cut the cord” from Satellite TV

The Problem

For years I have always wanted to do without a cable tv or satellite provider. This dream began years ago in 2003 when I found MythTV. It was able to capture over-the-air (rabbit ears) channels as well as cable channels if you had cable tv. The best part was that it could record shows and save them. It was really the first DVR besides TiVo. Even better was that I could download shows and movies online and save them to MythTV. It was so close to what I wanted, but just not quite there. This was also limited to viewing on a single TV, I couldn’t easily copy the shows to a laptop More >

Google+ Chat/Buddy List fix!

One of my biggest frustrations with Google+ lately comes after the big G decided to combine Google+ circles with your Google Chat buddy list. All of a sudden I have 100+ people in my buddy list and I do not need that many people showing up to chat all the time. I think I have finally discovered a solution though!

Open Google+ and edit your circles. In my case I decided that I only want to see people from my “Friends” and “Family” circles to show up in Google Chat. I moved everyone else from my Friends circle that I didn’t want in Google Chat into an “Also Friends” circle.

Next, click your More >

Fuzzydice server move!

Hey everyone! The Fuzzydice server has moved to a new system. You will need to make sure that when you login to your email, your username is your full email address. That is pretty much the only change.


Any questions or issues, just let me know!

Please excuse the dust…

I’m considering moving my primary site to WordPress. If you can see this, I’m either still toying around with it or I forgot to change the post. Either way, you can probably just ignore this message completely.


So far everything is coming together with the site. Yes, it’s stupid easy to put together something in WordPress, but I had to edit the header and the colors. That’s hard work! I mean, you have to open a text editor, edit the file, upload it… <5 minutes later> And there we are! More content will follow as time permits. Probably.

  • Fiance: "So anyone can have one but it’s not just me. See?"
    Me: "Anyone can have what?"
    Fiance: "Ok, are we really going to do this again?"
    Me: "Yes."
    Fiance: "Do you not understand?"
    Me: "No. Explain it to me"
    Fiance: "Can’t I just tell you later?"
    Me: "No, I’ll forget"
    Fiance: "Ok, listen, Re-re. Anyone can get one, it’s a prize. It’s a candle, but not just me, anyone can have one. Ok?"
    Me: "Anyone?"
    Fiance: "yes"
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