One of my biggest frustrations with Google+ lately comes after the big G decided to combine Google+ circles with your Google Chat buddy list. All of a sudden I have 100+ people in my buddy list and I do not need that many people showing up to chat all the time. I think I have finally discovered a solution though!

Open Google+ and edit your circles. In my case I decided that I only want to see people from my “Friends” and “Family” circles to show up in Google Chat. I moved everyone else from my Friends circle that I didn’t want in Google Chat into an “Also Friends” circle.

Next, click your name in the upper right and click on “Account”. When the “Accounts” screen shows up, click on “Google+” on the left side. Set “Who can start a Messenger conversation with you?” to be “Your Circles”. Now scroll towards the bottom of the page until you see “Your circles“. Click on the “Customize” button. Uncheck the options in the dialog that comes up so that only “Friends” and “Family” is checked (or whatever circles you want to show up in your buddy list). Click on “Save” and you’re done! You might need to log back into Google Chat for this to take effect, but it appears to be working just fine on my buddy list.