Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Girlfriend: "Do….what should I do? Should I go around the edge?"
Me: "What edge?"
Girlfriend: "The edge here. Should I go on that?"
Me: "Maybe? What are the options?"
Girlfriend: "What…what should I do? What do you want me to do?"
Me: "I don’t know?"
Girlfriend: "I’m gonna do what I’m doing."

Girlfriend: "Hey, where’s Jillian?"
Me: "She’s on the roof"
Girlfriend: "Yea right. If she was she would poop so hard the ceiling would fall."

Wife: "Did you get your present yet?"
Me: "My what?"
Wife: "Your yoyo"
Me: "I don’t think it’s here yet"
Wife: "Mmkay"

Girlfriend wakes up, freaks out and pulls the sheets up to her eyeballs….
GF: "Holy dear God. That was scary. Did you see that? I didn’t like it"
Me: "I didn’t see it. What was it?"
GF: "It was a huge bumble bee. It was trying to eat me and spit me back out"
Me: "What was the bee trying to do?"
GF: "It was trying to eat me and spit me back out"
Me: "It was trying to eat you and spit you back out?"
GF: "Yep"
Me: "What, why?"
GF: "Because it’s mean and it wants to *garbled* at me"
Me: "I think you need to find new friends for bumble bees"
GF: "Yea probably."

Girlfriend: Is stuff alive over there?
Me: What?
Girlfriend: *Leans over to look on my side of the bed* I just picked this up over there and it was alive. And then… I shut it….and put it over there.
Me: You did?
Girlfriend: Yes. And it had a baby. A bad baby. But, you know, not a real one.