Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Girlfriend: *wakes up, speaking absolute gibberish, then plays around with her night guard*
Me: "What are you doing?"
Girlfriend: "I’m trying to figure out these ants"
Me: "What’s wrong with the ants?"
Girlfriend: "You just worry about your stuff over there"

Girlfriend: "That will be it. Sticky paws."
Me: "What?!"
Girlfriend: "That will be your detective name. Sticky paws."

Fiance: *mumbles quite a bit and points at her pillow* "Theres another million under there…" *mumbles*
Me: "What?"
Fiance: "Yea, under there. I’m not getting near there." *inches towards the foot of the bed*
Me: "Really?"
Fiance: "It’s a million. all bees." *continues to inch towards the foot of the bed*
Me: "where are you going?"
Fiance: "Getting away. They can get off me." *falls asleep*

Girlfriend: *pointing at the ceiling and moving her finger as if she is following something* "Did, did you see that?"
Me: "What?"
Girlfriend: "Ok, I didn’t make this up. It was red, and it was like hanging down, and then it got sucked up, and then it disappeared."
Me: *laughing*
Girlfriend: "Wait. And now it sounds really stupid"
Me: *more laughing*
Girlfriend: "I gotta go" *mumbles something*
Me: "What?!?"
Girlfriend: "Don’t worry about it. Just ignore me"

While playing "Thrift Shop" on Spotify…
Erin: "Is this my, uh, my theme list?"
Me: "Your what?"
Erin: "My theme list that I was working on"
Me: "I guess so."
Erin: "oh, ok"