Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Girlfriend: "be careful. Just be careful!" She then pat me on the butt
Me: "uh, ok?"
Girlfriend: *absolutely random mumbling* *giggles*
Me: "what?"
Girlfriend: "oh nothing. Im just. I’m just looking for you’re safety"

Fiance: "I, I don’t like that. *points* The king is back there."
Me: "Why?"
Fiance: "Because I’m going to sell him"
Me: "Why are you going to sell him?"
Fiance: "I don’t know. It’s genuinely like, what, what happened."
Fiance: *giggles* "But it’s not my problem."

Wife: "Oh, they *mumble* the coupons."
Me: "What coupons?"
Wife: "I don’t know."
Me: "I don’t either."

Girlfriend: "Will you tell me when that guy" *fades off into a mumble.
Me: "What?"
Girlfriend: "That guy with the blue piece"
Me: "Which guy?"
Girlfriend: "The one with the brain piece. You know, he had it up there"
Me: "Oh yea, him. What about him?"
Girlfriend: "He had the two pieces."
And then she fell asleep again.

Girlfriend: "Who….whats in over there? Is he in there? What’s his name?"
Me: (bewildered at all of the random and sudden questions) "I think his name is Josh"
Girlfriend: "Is, who is the guy that’s above us in the replaceable. In there."
Me: "I have no idea"