Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Fiance: "This is really cool"
Me: "What is?"
Fiance: "This room down here is all Notre Dame stuff. It’s really cool"
Me: "Wait, where?"
Fiance: *weird mumbles* "Notre dame stuff"

Wife: "Woa! That’s beautiful! Where did you get that?"
Me: "Get what?"
Wife: "That picture! Do you see it?"
Me: "I sure do."
Wife: "Do you have it? It’s over there, I can see it."
Me: "No I don’t think so."
Wife: "Oh. Ok."

Fiance: "huh? But it’s free"
Me: "What’s free?"
Fiance: "The thing on my phone. It’s, where. You know."
Me: "What is it?"
Fiance: "It’s for the phone. The sound of wild horses, free, for iPhones."
Me: "I like free"

Fiance: *mumbles quite a bit and points at her pillow* "Theres another million under there…" *mumbles*
Me: "What?"
Fiance: "Yea, under there. I’m not getting near there." *inches towards the foot of the bed*
Me: "Really?"
Fiance: "It’s a million. all bees." *continues to inch towards the foot of the bed*
Me: "where are you going?"
Fiance: "Getting away. They can get off me." *falls asleep*

Wife: "Do you see that up there?"
Me: "See what?"
Wife: "That big green. It’s going to be, um, on the green there."
Me: "It’s green?"
Wife: "Yea. Big glob of snot and it’s gonna fall."
Me: "Snot?"
Wife: "I can’t even look anymore. Big snot. It’s gonna fall."