Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Wife: "It’s pool"
Me: "What’s pool?"
Wife: "It’s *mumbles* a pool. But not not not. Um, not swimming pool"
Me: "Not a swimming pool?"
Wife: "No. Ok?"
Me: "Ok."

Fiance: "Hey?!? Are you ok?!?"
Me: *confused* "yes"
Fiance: "Are you sure?! You said you were doomed!"
Me: "No, that was a cough."
Fiance: *starting to wake up* "wait….."

Fiance: *concerned mumbles*
Me: "What?"
Fiance: *concerned mumbles, lots of pointing with a crooked finger*
Me: "I still don’t get it"
Fiance: "Ok, re-re, look there is someone over there"
Me: "No, there isn’t. That’s a dresser."
Fiance: "Yes there is. There’s someone over there. Go look. Go. Do you want me to go?"
Me: "Hell no, you’ll die"
Fiance: "Should we blow him up?"
Me: "Yes. Absolutely."

Fiance: *mumbles quite a bit and points at her pillow* "Theres another million under there…" *mumbles*
Me: "What?"
Fiance: "Yea, under there. I’m not getting near there." *inches towards the foot of the bed*
Me: "Really?"
Fiance: "It’s a million. all bees." *continues to inch towards the foot of the bed*
Me: "where are you going?"
Fiance: "Getting away. They can get off me." *falls asleep*

Wife wakes up in a panic and covers her head with her pillow, yelling.
Wife: "No, no, no, no! I don’t want to play! Seriously I’m not playing this game!"
Me: "what game do you think we are playing?"
Wife: "Well, I guess I can play for a little"
Me: "What are we playing?"
Wife: "The game with the cup. Where we have to put the guy in the cup. I don’t know. Right?"
Me: "What cup? What guy? I don’t see that here."
Wife: "I don’t know. The guy that we flip."

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