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FreeNAS Plex VM with NFS

I’ll demonstrate here how I generally build a Plex VM and mount storage with FreeNAS.

VM Build

I’ll fill in this section later.

Storage FreeNAS User

In order for everything to behave, you’re going to want to create a user on FreeNAS. This user can be used if you need to mount a dataset through SMB or NFS to other computers. If you have already created a user then you can skip to the next heading.

NOTE: This is only creating a single user called ‘plex’. You can get more complex with the setup if you need multiple users to access the share by using groups but that is beyond More >

Google Chrome with Active Directory Kerberos on Mac OS

Lately at work we’ve been converting almost everything to use Kerberos authentication. This allows machines that are logged into our Active Directory domain to automatically login to various web resources. This seems to work fine on Mac OS with Safari with zero config. Firefox takes a config change but Google Chrome has been a huge problem child. Luckily this has been fixed in recent versions of Chrome to allow us to set the settings via “defaults write”. There was a shoddy hack being described some time ago that you could load up Workgroup Manager and set the Chrome policy there, but the More >

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