Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Wife: “Hey! What are you doing?!?”

Me: “I’m reading and you’re having a nightmare”

Wife: “No, I’m wide awake. Who is Jezma?”

Me: “What?”

Wife: “You just said you were Jezma”

Me: “I did not”

Wife: “Oh shit, I wish I recorded this. You thought you were Jezma and now you feel like a dumb dumb”

Me: “Sure, let’s go with that”

Fiance: "I don’t have it"
Me: "Don’t have what?"
Fiance: "The, Oregon trail. I need it."
Me: "ok?"
Fiance: *asleep*

Fiance: "out of all the people on bikes, I like you best"
Me: "just on bikes?"
Fiance: "I thought you might like to know" *giggles*
Me: "ok then"

While playing "Thrift Shop" on Spotify…
Erin: "Is this my, uh, my theme list?"
Me: "Your what?"
Erin: "My theme list that I was working on"
Me: "I guess so."
Erin: "oh, ok"

Girlfriend: "Will you tell me when that guy" *fades off into a mumble.
Me: "What?"
Girlfriend: "That guy with the blue piece"
Me: "Which guy?"
Girlfriend: "The one with the brain piece. You know, he had it up there"
Me: "Oh yea, him. What about him?"
Girlfriend: "He had the two pieces."
And then she fell asleep again.