Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Girlfriend: "Wait. What’s that dog doing?"
Me: "Wha…"
Girlfriend: "Hey, no! Hey hey hey hey hey. Dog! Stop that!"
Me: "She’s sleeping"
Girlfriend: "But she’s over there. It…it looks like she’s inside the door"

Fiance: "Do you want me to hold that?"
Me: "Hold what?"
Fiance: "What you’re working on. I’ll hold that if you want"
Me: "You want to hold my laptop?"
Fiance: "If you want me to"
Me: "I think I’m ok to hold it"
And she’s fast asleep again.

Girlfriend wakes up abruptly, looks around the room….
Girlfriend: "Ok, don’t think I’m crazy. Do this…" She covers her face with her hands, as if she is hiding, but allows a small crack between her hands so she can look through.
Me: "I have absolutely no idea what the hell you are doing"
Girlfriend: "It’s just weird. When that stuff was moving. You just have to see it"
At this point all I could do was laugh. I had absolutely no response.

Fiance: "This is really cool"
Me: "What is?"
Fiance: "This room down here is all Notre Dame stuff. It’s really cool"
Me: "Wait, where?"
Fiance: *weird mumbles* "Notre dame stuff"

Fiance: "huh? But it’s free"
Me: "What’s free?"
Fiance: "The thing on my phone. It’s, where. You know."
Me: "What is it?"
Fiance: "It’s for the phone. The sound of wild horses, free, for iPhones."
Me: "I like free"