WoW Writing

This is an ongoing saga about the backstory of my character in World of Warcraft. I was inspired by our raid team leader, Aldineri, when he wrote about our team. You can find his writing here: Shadowlands – Story Mode

  • Fiance: *concerned mumbles*
    Me: "What?"
    Fiance: *concerned mumbles, lots of pointing with a crooked finger*
    Me: "I still don’t get it"
    Fiance: "Ok, re-re, look there is someone over there"
    Me: "No, there isn’t. That’s a dresser."
    Fiance: "Yes there is. There’s someone over there. Go look. Go. Do you want me to go?"
    Me: "Hell no, you’ll die"
    Fiance: "Should we blow him up?"
    Me: "Yes. Absolutely."
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