Sleep Babble

5 Random Babbles:

Fiance: "This…This is why I’ve had so much trouble. It’s like, it’s like this piece of hair made of plastic. You know, it’s like plaster and it’s just I don’t know I’m not going to explain it."

Girlfriend: *awakens and looks surprised* "ooooh my!" *points at celing* "Do you see that?"
Me: "See what?"
Girlfriend: "That thing over there" (she is still pointing up). "It’s kind of cool. It’s blue. It looks like a blackberry smell"
Me: "A what?"

Fiance: "Hey?!? Are you ok?!?"
Me: *confused* "yes"
Fiance: "Are you sure?! You said you were doomed!"
Me: "No, that was a cough."
Fiance: *starting to wake up* "wait….."

Wife: "Do you see that up there?"
Me: "See what?"
Wife: "That big green. It’s going to be, um, on the green there."
Me: "It’s green?"
Wife: "Yea. Big glob of snot and it’s gonna fall."
Me: "Snot?"
Wife: "I can’t even look anymore. Big snot. It’s gonna fall."

Wife: "It’s better here. I like it here."
Me: "Where?"
Wife: "Hey, do you need help? I need to clean."
Me: "Why do you need to clean?"
Wife: "I just thought to help you. I already asked, didn’t I?"

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