Xbox 360 Media Server on Linux

After several irritated attempts to use one product/software/hack after another, I have finally found something that fits. I have tried uShare, Media Tomb, hacked up python scripts, Wine with various stuff, Amahi and fuppes. Nothing seems to serve media to the Xbox 360 without some stupid problem. Half of the serving programs out there don’t support transcoding. Others support DLNA but not the weird requirements the Xbox 360 has for folder structure. It’s completely irritating trying to find something. Finally, I’ve stumbled pretty much on accident upon Twonky Media Server. Yes, it’s $20, but it seriously is the best program to serve up media to your Xbox under Linux. Windows obviously has WMP or a bunch of others and Mac OS X has Rivet (my favorite) or Connect360. But Twonky works on Windows and Mac as well. Personally, it has met every criteria I’ve had for serving media. It can transcode, serve music, pictures, videos, doesn’t crash, doesn’t require me to meet 21348230184321 dependencies and just seems to work. Well worth the $20.

You can get Twonky Media Server from

Author: Fuzzy