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At last, the Sleep Babble site is live! Enjoy some late night sleep talking stories at

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Xbox 360 Media Server on Linux

After several irritated attempts to use one product/software/hack after another, I have finally found something that fits. I have tried uShare, Media Tomb, hacked up python scripts, Wine with various stuff, Amahi and fuppes. Nothing seems to serve media to…

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We’re engaged! As time goes on I’m sure we will post updates about planning, wedding stuffs and so forth. You are likely to find more information on Facebook however. So friends, please look on Facebook for details 🙂

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Finally! Disabled telnet auto-login on Linux and OS X

One of the biggest annoyances with OS X is that telnet client, for some retarded reason, has a default setting to auto-login with your current username to the remote system. Finally I’ve discovered a way to disable that! Sure you…

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New job!

July 2008 began a very stressful time in my life. Many of you know the story. Over the last year and a half I have struggled to keep sane while looking for new jobs, pushing my resume and trying to…

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